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Rising rapper Swagg Jazz battles herself on critically acclaimed new album “Swagg Jazz Vs Jasmyn”

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Out of the trenches of Memphis rises rapper, Swagg Jazz, wielding a nine-track portrait of stuntin’ and street life, “Swagg Jazz Vs Jasmyn”. Led by the impressive single, “Chase A Bag”, Jazz’s latest opus is a kaleidoscope view into her chaotic life. She announces the concept of the album on the opening record of the project, “Self - Note”. Braced by a sultry, Spanish guitar outfitted with claps, hats and 808s; Miss Memphis pits Jasmyn, the side of her who “came from a good home”, against Swagg Jazz, the bad girl whose been through Hell and back in those Tennessee streets. As the album courses onward, these two halves of herself develop distinct expressions and sounds. It is as clear as day, on tracks such as the anthemic “Chase A Bag”, “Rumors”, “Mix Match”, “F.Y.B” and “8 Up (feat. Savages)” that this is Swagg Jazz spilling through your speakers. Ominous trap beats meet Jazz’s hood bars and unapologetically, attitudinal aggression. This creates an unforgettably infectious sound ideal for car rides and club nights. Yet, despite those tracks’ greatness, there’s still a lighter phase of the Memphis moon, known as Jasmyn. Within the tracks, “I Ride”, “Have You Ever”, and “Feelings”, Jasmyn exists; bouyed upon luscious clouds of modern R&B. On this, Jazz flaunts talent outside of rap: a gorgeous, melodious church-groomed voice. She sings flawlessly throughout all three of the aforementioned records, totally embodying the shift in personas, and allowing everything good and angelic within her to flow from her lungs. You will fall in love with this woman’s personality(s) on this project. You will fall in love with her bars, story, and aggression. But most of all, you will fall in love with her breathtaking versatility. “Swagg Jazz Vs Jasmyn” is a fabulously-executed exercise in duality. So good, you’ll never want her to choose.



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