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SupaDamn new hiphop album "Pick The Party Up"

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Brimming with attitude and determination is Californian rapper, SUPADAMN’s most recent offering, “Can’t Miss”. The record clocks in at little over 3 minutes, joisting supreme swagger and confidence. Surrounded by a smoothly sinister, 808-bending trap beat, the Orange County native is poised and peerless. He seems fully in control of each and every bar that rolls from his lips. “Aiming for the top and can’t miss”, he utters in his chorus; not only letting us in on his intentions in the rap game, but likewise giving us a glimpse into his self-assurance. He speaks his goals into reality; asserting that nothing will blow his shot at greatness. And it is that exact attitude; that exact cockiness that makes superstars. Perfect for bumping in the whip; there’s no doubt radio will be hot on this single’s heels. Come beat them to it.



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