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P-Wize the Mcee resurrects golden-era hiphop with new banger “Real Life”

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The gunk and grime of 90’s East Coast will cake up on the edge of your speakers after only the first few seconds of rapper, P-Wize the Emcee’s, “Real Life”. Seasoned by almost-cathedral instrumentation, and sparkling, soul-sampled vocals, the gritty verse of out Asbury, New Jersey native splits the mix, announcing himself and that he has a “Story to tell.” Not long after that announcement, a series of snares snap through, before the roll of boom-bap drums and a muddy bassline immediately landslide the entire orchestration. And the emcee’s story beautifully commences. 

With a microphone stolen straight from the coffin of Golden Age Hip-Hop, P-Wize raps his heart onto his sleeve. It is not simply the sonics of the song that will blast you back to the 90s; but likewise, the messages within in the man’s lyrics. “You see the god inside of all of us—“ is just one of the myriad, knowledgable bars he unleashes, displaying that excellent Five-Percenter enlightenment so many others had, as well, in the previous century of rap. Armed with wordplay, lyricism and a filthy, yet passionate deliverance, P-Wize welcomes us all into his “Real Life”. If you love the spirit of 90’s Hip-Hop, its an event you won’t want to miss.

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