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Rap duo, OFFKILTER release critically acclaim 6-track project "NO FILTER" [Music + Interview]

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When you forego conformity, and pursue your own, distinct artistry; the product you produce will be that much more powerful. It will breathe an idiosyncratic life of its own, and that life will bless you with prestige unlike any given to those around you. Coming from me, you can take that with a grain salt. Coming from Bay Area duo, Off Kilter, and their brand new EP, “No Filter”, this truth becomes harder to resist. Because they, over the course of six tracks, go completely against the status quo, and that makes their music all the more fascinating. 

The first thing that will captivate you about rappers, TLick and Burny, are their brisk and breathless flows. They deliver some of the most lax, yet rapid-fire raps; and that unique blend of tone and cadence extremely compliments their production, creating a completely avant-garde sound. Their flows aren’t the end all be all either. Riding the rapid-fire wave of their cadences are shots of lyricism and vocal acrobatics. They will bend their voice into different bellies of the beat, all the while giving you metaphors, imagery and similes that will spin your mind. When dealing with such sporadic spitting, you would expect the instrumental to be made at a tempo that can keep up. That is not the case with this duo. Their self-produced beats facilitate a slow head nod at best; being hypnotic and chill. Some of my favorite tracks on this project (“I Make It Rain In The Desert” , “Unfuckwittable” , and “Nuthin To Me”) feature this matchless harmony between fast and slow. It is that matchless harmony that breathes this originality into Offkilter’s music. That originality, in due time, is going to earn them a powerful fanbase and peerless longevity in the world of rap.


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