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ATL HIPHOP>> Negus reign releases powerful socially conscious song “FREEDOM CRY”

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2018 has been a wonderful year of black love and pride. From the success of the long awaited instant classic, Black Panther to men and women acknowledging one another as Kings and Queens, you can feel the love everywhere. The hunger to live as our once royal ancestors did, is at its strongest since the civil rights movement and everyone from athletes to musicians are raising awareness. 

For Paterson, NJ born and raised, Atlanta residing emcee, Negus Reign, this is the exact climate he's been waiting on. His new single 'Freedom Cry' is line after line of fire and a nice melodic hook over a classy Beatsinmybackpack production. Negus has the ability to match heavy bars with a crazy flow with skills compariable to a Nas or a Royce Da 5'9". His current release ARTIFACTS has been a very successful independent album which mounts anticipation for his upcoming project, Root of Evil (EP). With tracks like 'Freedom Cry' leading off, Negus will be reigning supreme before we know it.



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