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Kreep creates new-age magic on long-awaited debut album "Sorry, Im Late" [Interview Included]

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The disappearance of cliques such as Three Six Mafia, UGK, and 8Ball & MJG left unpredicted fissures in the rap game. Ever since that Southern domination of so many years ago, mainstream Hip-Hop has been missing something. Missing that raw, boondock bounce that had so many clubs rocking and Cadillac speakers knocking. Although, a return to form is indeed brewing in Memphis; none is as encapsulating as new-age rapper, Kreep. Through his new album, “Sorry, I’m Late”, loaded with 13 hot records, the Alabama native fills a void we should have never created, in the first place. Because, by the end of this opus, it’s crystal clear why that era of Southern Hip-Hop was one of its greatest: its rawness and honesty. There’s a preternatural darkness hugging many corners of the album, where flexing and bragging have no place; and only Kreep’s truth can illuminate. Laced by the most quintessential, country 808s; our Heart of the Dixie rapper will lyrically pull you into his real life. He bounces across tracks such as “Actin’ Up II”, “Fiya”, “Don’t Count Me Out”, “Emotions”, “Realest Illest”, “Bout Dat Life” and “Drell’s Tale” with a nostalgic, Three Six-esque cadence, fully disclosing the griminess of his environment and circumstances. 

Although, Kreep defines himself as a new-age artist; he does not conform to that paradigm. He shows in multiple moments of this project, that he would rather his audience have something honest and real, ripped straight from his own trials and tribulations, to relate to; instead of flaunt money or drugs like everyone else. Personal favorites on this album have to be, “My Girlfriend” and “Bout Dat Life”. The former for its irresistible, vintage sample, strong 808s and impeccable story; and the latter for its pure, late-90s aesthetic. If you are a fan of early, organic Southern Hip-Hop, this album is worth every second of your listen. The Heart of the Dixie is pumping once again; and Kreep is the one to thank. 

“SORRY, IM LATE” Stream/Download 


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