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Checkout the dark lyricism and golden era hiphop on new album "Guerillaz" by Obi Khan

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After his phenomenal showing in 2018 with the 16 track “THC-4” project, many would have thought there was no higher a zenith for Wisconsin emcee, Obi Khan, to ascend. Not only did he display a marvelous ear for boom-bap, Hip-Hop beats; but he likewise proved that he could lyrically ravage them for an hour long. Now, he has returned with another LP, “Guerillaz”; and for those of us who thought he could get no better, he impressively proves us wrong. Upping the ante with 8 tracks more than “THC-4” offered, Obi Khan reintroducing every aspect that made the previous project impeccable. Close collaborators, Jabba Tha Kut and Merc The Big Body Benz, frequent the record, as they did the last, with outstanding guest verses. Thanos Beats, a prominent architect of “THC-4” diabolical, old-school sound, restores that aesthetic with a plethora of instrumental offerings to “Guerillaz”. Yet, what rockets this album echelons above its predecessor is Obi Khan’s own vision, education, and execution of the art. You can tell the Madison rapper has delve even deeper into the craft and art of a Hip-Hop album, since his last release. A few skits and instrumental breaks in between jaw-dropping, Golden Era-styled records gives “Guerillaz” a sense of pace and proficiency. It removes the 24-track work from being another, standard Hip-Hop album, and truly gives it a life of its own. This amplifies the power of his dark lyricism, guttural delivery, and grimey, puristic beat selection we champion him for. Every second of “Guerillaz” is electrifying. When added to Obi Khan’s discography thus far, the glint of his crown as an heir to the underground, Hip-Hop throne becomes crazily undeniable.

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