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G Humble is preparing his new album [Music + Interview]

19 FebruaryUSA Blog Network

Although, currently unfinished and untitled, the upcoming project of Indiana rapper, G Humble, is already positioned to make a splash. On his website, this Gary talent has premiered four, spirited tracks from the promised record; with each packing their own, peculiar punch. “Sunshine” is a guitar-ridden, melody-driven trap rap ballad, featuring Raymond. G Humble chronicles an unforgettable sexual encounter on this track; a subject that trails him into the other joints, “Inner Freak” and “Catch A Vibe”. Where the latter is more suited for a tranquil smoke session with that special someone, the former is an auto-tuned, club-ready jam. A sensual chord progression, fulfilled by rolling trap percussions, and a mist of glowing melodies, take “Inner Freak” worlds beyond ours. Your only chance of returning to earth after orbiting this seductive banger, is jumping back to a track earlier in the collection, “Love Changes”. Perhaps the purest display of Hip-Hop within this selection, “Love Changes” is soulful and sublime. Its melody is entirely sample-based, illuminated by the belt of an ardent songstress. Bars from G Humble run alongside the trot of a steady drum loop and wavy bass-line; the perfect canvas for painting his life’s portrait. Just as G Humble does on this track, we must also appreciate his mother for the effort she put into raising him. For, without her tenacity, there would be no G Humble. Without G Humble, we would not have this captivating set of music to enjoy. If this is the guaranteed direction of his upcoming album, it is worth every second of our wait.

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