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Way Way drops bangers on new project "N.O.W (No Other Way)" MixTape Vol.1

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Just north of San Francisco and the Bay Area, in the streets of North Richmond, California, a distinct sound is bubbling. A sound that merges the old school, hyphy energy of NorCal legends Mac Dre and Keak da Sneak with a fresh, new school ambiance. Many are spearheading this progressive take on upper West Coast Hip-Hop; but none as dominant as Way Way Santana. With her “NOW Mixtape Vol 1”, the Californian emcee brings her region’s eclectic bounce into the scope of modern trap. Certainly, the drum kits, rhythms and basslines of bangers such as “F**k A Handout” (feat. Lil Goo & Marlo Franklin), “Karate Choppa’s” (feat. G-Bo Lean), “Project 12”, “Sacrifices”, and “However You Want It”, siphon an ancient, hyphy fire; however, their melodies are new and improved. The synths and keys wafting around “NOW Mixtape Vol 1”’s party-starting percussions give these beats an air of currency. Way Way Santana’s raw, yet youthful Californian delivery only adds to this energy; keeping the project floating between two eras with each and every bar. For her lyrics and delivery are bright enough to illuminate the new-school; yet, likewise, the way she rides these nostalgic NorCal beats nods back to the E-40s and Too Shorts who came before her. The final track, “Btfw”, a charismatic remix of Too Short’s 2006 hit, “Blow The Whistle”, proves so undeniably. “NOW Mixtape Vol 1” is the perfect example of a rapper who takes great pride in where she comes from. Enough to, in between telling her own story, honor the stories of those who gave her a page. Soon, North Richmond will be added to the history of NorCal Hip-Hop, and Way Way Santana will be the one to thank.

N.O.W (No Other Way) 

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