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Andre Lewis releases inspirational newage gospel EP “Im Gone Make It”

7:48 PMUSA Blog Network

You can feel the strength of Andre Lewis’s ambition by reading the title of his most recent EP alone. Every ounce of his power and determination goes into four words: “I’m Gone Make It”. Through them, and an incredible praise of God, the North Carolina-born artist has released nineteen minutes of awe-inspiring music. Chopped into five tracks, with a lone feature from Amari Thomas, “I’m Gone Make It” merges gospel-tinged worship with a jubilant, new-wave sound. Beyond the throbbing 808s, zealous drums and sanctified chord progressions, lie a passion for life and God that goes unrivaled. From the opening track “I’m Gone Make It”, to the extended play’s closer, “Never Would Have Gave My Life”, Andre Lewis wears his faith marvelously; embellishing Christ in every moment he has with the mic. This project is a creatively moving contribution to the Gospel Rap genre. If words have power, by the will of God, “I’m Gone Make It” is an accurate prediction for this Christian emcee. His future, especially in music, is gleaming with promise.

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