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Motor Mouth drops nostalgic hiphop tribute to the golden-era "Back in the Day"

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Motor Mouth has perfectly placed nostalgia between electronic synths and boom-bap beats. With three minutes and twenty seconds on the clock, this Hawaii-born, former United States Army soldier casts a light on every Hip-Hop legend whose inspired him thus far. That light refracts into “Back In The Day” featuring Marissa Delmonico. The producer, Darren Vegas contributed instrumental brilliance to this record; guiding it in slowly with a progression of atmospheric synths, frosted by Marissa Delmonico’s enchanting adlibs. Motor Mouth enters just as the muddy bass does, rolling along with the loop of Golden Era drums to a story he spits about his Hip-Hop upbringing. From being “on the courts playing ball with the homies blaring Biggie Smalls” to Eminem blowing his mind with every release, our Los Angeles-based artist displays a vivid love for the culture. This love is so pure and gargantuan that only Marissa’s angelic voice can emulate it. She belts a poppy, yet soulful hook for “Back In The Day”; surging with an identical passion to the track’s creator. On this record, Motor Mouth is golden. You may hear a song full of shoutouts and believe paying homage is the reason this Seattle native excels. That is not the case. It is his ability to tell the story of his upbringing , and be himself entirely, that pays this artform the greatest respect. Continue to honor that; and this emcee will be paid back even sooner.

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