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Bo Rippy drops new hiphop singles "Stealthy Breakfast Bars, Yours, Old East, & Way"

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Crushing a self-produced beat with an unorthodox flow, Bo Rippy is crashing into 2019. Casually, he offers an energetic four-pack of singles: “Way”, “Old East”, “Yours” and “Stealthy Breakfast Bars”. Albeit, each beat courts a different atmosphere, our Lakeland, Florida emcee maintains the same, high-level spirit. “Stealthy Breakfast Bars” is the most aggressive record of the Southern lyricist, suiting his passionate delivery perfectly. The sinister, acoustic guitar matched with a hard-hitting boom-bap rhythm emphasizes every bar and ad-lib the rapper spits. The other three tracks are slower; quelled with more melancholy and musicality, however Bo Rippy’s energy sticks. His persona shines through on every last one of these four records. When it comes to mainstream Florida Hip-Hop, Bo Rippy is an anomaly. His adherence to classic, Golden Era sounds meshed with an unstoppable lyricism and delivery creates a character that stands outside the current scope of Southern rap. With these four tracks, Bo Rippy proves he is a unique talent, and through that being he will have a prosperous new year.

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