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Ray Reaves serenades his girl with newage love ballad “The Only One” [ +Interview ]

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Some people travel so much, they become an amalgamation of every place they visit. They journey to a new region and easily assimilate into that culture, amazingly making it their own. East Coast rapper, Ray Reaves is one of those people. After a recent move to Toronto, Canada (likewise attaining permanent residence), the chameleon artist offers us “The Only One”; a passionate bop that is more Toronto than your favorite Toronto act. At the very least, it comes dangerously close. “The Only One” is teeming with melody. In crooning to a special someone, Ray Reaves bares the dint of his melodious soul. Certainly, the track upholds a Hip-Hop bounce: colorful synths backed by pattering trap drums. A verse from the emcee even channels his East Coast heritage: raw with lyrical aggression. However, the atmosphere on “The Only One” is insanely alt-R&B. The same alt-R&B forwarded by the stars of OVO Sound. With this record, Ray Reaves adds his own flavor to the sound of his newfound home. What comes of that is an astounding, radio-hungry banger. Give “The Only One” a play, and you too will be counting down the days until Ray Reaves is Canada’s next heralded star.

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“The Only One” 



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