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“Recess” // Emjae releases new high energy trap banger

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The melody of Emjae’s “Recess” plays like a video game. By the end of its three minute run-time, you’ll know exactly why: it’s all about excitement. Between clever, metaphorical bars, and a volcanic delivery, nothing but overwhelming energy exudes from the modern-trap track. It aims to amaze your upcoming house party with mesmerizing, electronic synths, and a vigorous 808 bass. Emjae effortlessly maintains a high throughout the entire mix. Where many would fumble, the New Orleans/Hartford-repping emcee blazes through his verses. This relentless onrush of lyricism and vitality is precisely what makes “Recess” the party-centric banger that it is. Before the month is over, such a hit will have Louisiana and Connecticut warring for claim over the talented Emjae.

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