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Ugo Obinka delivers #Afropop #Dance anthem “Only Trying” ft. Deson Teninchy [Music + Interview]

05 MarchUSA Blog Network

True to its afro-beat home, Ugo Obinka’s “Only Trying” cuts right to the chase. Immediately, your body is seized by a pulsating rhythm, upheld by a club-friendly bassline, kicks, and Afro-beat percussions. Even the voice of its singer, Ugo Obinka, dashes into the mix; twirling auto-tuned melodies that mystically blend into the darkness of the track. Yet, beneath the beam of its melodious rush, it is very much an Afro-beat/Afro-pop record. “Only Trying” is prime anthem material, especially for the continent it belongs to. It’s Nigeria-born, East Coast-residing musician brings a classic rawness to the track that is a defined staple in the genre. Ugo Obinka taps into deliveries and flows reminiscent of the era wherein DJs were the sole emcees. He, partnered with his guest feature, Deson Teninchy, flipped “Only Trying” into a nightclub’s dream. A danceable, energy-driven record that can traverse borders and boundaries beyond the East and African coasts. That is what Ugo Obinka provides through “Only Trying”; and the longer you listen, dancing to this fresh release, you will see it too.

“Only Trying” 
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