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Lil Scotty P drops certified street anthem “Clownin”

4:41 PMUSA Blog Network

California to its core, “Clownin’” by Lil Scotty P is a speaker-shaking banger. It is the Lancaster rapper’s debut single for 2019, threaded with a new-age, West Coast charisma. Roaring, distorted 808s boom across “Clownin’”; adding fuel to the sinful melody, pattering hihats, and Golden state claps on the record. This beat proves to be the perfect plate on which Lil Scotty P can devour his competition. He unleashes a ravenous, high-energy delivery coupled with an unorthodox flow through “Clownin’”. A Californian pain is easily detectable in the West Coast rapper’s inflection. Each bar on his latest release comes from a place of trial and tribulation in the Lancaster streets; energized by the stories and references Lil Scotty P makes to his SoCal lifestyle. Just as Lil Scotty P remains true to the city that bred him, “Clownin’” remains true to the West Coast Hip-Hop sound; all the while putting its creator in a league of his own.




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