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"Wild Out" // V3locity releases visuals for new club anthem

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Nothing in this world compares to giving back. For artists and creatives, this extends beyond financial charity and philanthropy. It is committing art to a particular people, positive purpose, or message. Okay, perhaps the first sentence was a lie. There is something better than giving back: seeing a sixteen year old girl do so with a marvelous video, and undeniable gift of rap. That is what Atlanta’s V3locity has done with her new, energetic banger, “Wild Out”. As she mentions herself (and what can be seen in the music video), “Wild Out” is an anthem for the kids. It is a turn-up song that, through V3locity’s saucy lyrics, danceable flow, and high-spirited delivery, gives kids everywhere the freedom to let loose. By the looks of the music video it must certainly be a success. Countless scenes show V3locity, as well as other teens alongside her, “wilding out” to her latest release. They dance freely through the rooms and halls of their high-school as if finally able to express themselves. That is the magic of “Wild Out”. That is what V3locity gives back: freedom and expression to the fellow kids in her community. With a radio-ready record like this at only sixteen? The sky is the limit for the talented V3locity; and we cannot imagine what cloud she’ll land on next.


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