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“Dope Girl” I VeeA The Artist releases new-age hiphop club anthem

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If you have any appreciation for Dirty South Hip-Hop, and its club-booming bounce, VeeA the Artist just may be your new favorite rapper. His indomitable new single, “Dope Girl”, has all the makings of a classic Southern banger, mixed with the swagger and sonics of the new school. With guest feature, JL, by his side, the Woodbridge, Virginia hitmaker rocks through three minutes of jumping horns, dismal ambience, hissing open hihats, and a cracking trap snare. A rumbling 808, which comes in just as VeeA slips into his explosive verse, pushing “Dope Girl” through your speakers, engulfing you in the anthem. The rapper’s rhythmic flow likewise adds to the energy of the track, giving it a fiery jolt that no club floor will be able to resist. Once the melodic, autotuned chorus is introduced? “Dope Girl”’s potential as a radio-rocking single is fulfilled. Virginia has a fresh, rising talent in their midst, and “Dope Girl” is only the beginning of his conquest.

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