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“Hotel Rendezvous” Benji Kriis drops smooth alternative RnB banger [Music + Interview]

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Even in March, the Valentines Day emotions are still rolling in. One artist, intent on this season of sensuosity continuing, is Benji Kriis. In a glowing wave of autotune, the New Jersey crooner lets every lady know where to go for love: “Hotel Rendezvous”. This two minute record is the paragon of modern R&B. Melodious, impassioned vocals, illuminated by delay and autotune, coast a gentle, trap-ladened beat. Lyrics, regarding Benji’s growing lust for this female character, poke through floating bells and a slow-rolling bassline. All the while, a ravishing fog is growing thicker and thicker around you. Before you know it, you are submerged in the Nigerian-born singer’s enticing depictions. “Hotel Rendezvous” is an undeniable mood-setter; with Benji Kriis proving just how excellent in can be in the modern R&B circuit. She has the talent, and the sound; all she needs is the right ear to hear her.

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“Hotel Rendezvous”
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