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“Army” // Owen Mc Grory gets the troops marching with new Hiphop/EDM dance tune

8:06 AMUSA Blog Network

“I know my name is on the map!” After dropping such a climatic single, Owen Mc Grory could not be more correct. His heavy, danceable track “Army” is capable of making insane waves across the United Kingdom, and European continent. That is because this nearly three minute single blends two of the most indomitable genres known to the world: Hip-Hop and EDM. Its instrumental is a grand adventure of dance music, pushing a four-to-the-floor rhythm whilst whipping a club-grooving bassline. Mc Grory’s performance, however, is all bars. He accelerates through verses that harken towards his determination and shining ambition to thrive with his music. “Army” is a flavorful embodiment of the Irish artist’s potential. Not only does it highlight the emcee as a promising powerhouse in his home country, but it likewise opens him up to being an impactful, international star.


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