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#SongOfTheWeek Jance new banger “G. Rap Snacks”

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“I’m just trying to get them chips like the rap snacks—“ is one of the first bars you’ll hear when cracking open a bag of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s own, Jance’s, “G.Rap Snacks”. This happens to be the Midwest rapper’s third release; and like those before it, the cut is seasoned with premium, bar-filled flavor. It is a marriage of contemporary, trap aesthetic (through its percussion, 808s and tempo) with the late 90s-early 2000s soul sampling that dominated much of mainstream hip-hop. Over this spicy beat, which was produced by Kami Beats, Jance is in perfect form. He dips into every pocket imaginable; not only delivering some immaculate rapping and flows, but likewise melodizing in certain areas of his verse; detailing his dreams of success and perceived road to riches. The combination of this passionate instrumentation, matched with even more passionate rapping, makes for one appetizing record. After just one listen to “G.Rap Snacks”, you’ll be scraping the bottom of the bag for more.

“G. RAP SNACKS” Stream/Download: 


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