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Ref.J is living the lifestyle with new international trap anthem "24 Gold Chains"

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Rarely do you meet anyone with a story as riveting as Ref J’s. The Syrian-born rapper was one of many resolute refugees determined to escape the tyranny of Bashar al-Assad; and in one fateful attempt to reach Greece by way of an inflatable raft, J lost his musical hard-drive to the waters of the Aegean Sea. Luckily, that misfortune did not wash away the man’s determination nor love for Hip-Hop; and after having secured asylum in Canada, he has channeled all of that passion into a terrific trap anthem! 

It’s hard not to look at Ref J’s latest “24 Gold Chains” single as a victory lap. He went through hell and high-water for a chance at freedom and prosperity; and now that he has it, celebration is irresistible. The track kicks off with a sinister synth that billows about in the background, before a series of hats and claps crack through. Suddenly, after a break in the intro, an 808 crashes in and our artist is bounding to and fro on the beat, rapping energetically about his newly earned lifestyle. “Money, make it / Risks, take it” he shouts at the start of the hook, supported by snares and well-placed adlibs. Although, his accent is heavy through his verses, it adds to his character and inflection; giving his artistry a uniqueness few could ever replicate. All in all, this is an exciting banger from the Syrian artist; and if he continues pushing his passion for Hip-Hop, as he did on that pivotal journey, he’ll be adding 24 more chains to his collection.

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