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MC/Beatmaker duo, Lockness Carnival releases alternative hiphop album "Tickets to the Dope Show"

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Back in 2006, legendary New York emcee, Nas, declared that Hip-Hop was dead. The insurgence of autotune, melodies, and growing “pop” aesthetic in the music, made this declaration incredibly logical. Even modern day, where the culture is leaning further and further towards a commodity instead of artform; Golden Hip-Hop seems to have lost its place with the turn of the century. That’s what makes rap act, Lockness Carnival’s, recent release “Tickets To The Dope Show” such a blindsided sucker-punch; loud enough to throttle the graveyard, and awaken that Golden Age artistry from its deathly slumber. “Tickets To The Dope Show” is a seven-track resurrection of one of the most celebrated eras of rap; hearkening back to the 90s time period with a beautiful blend of lyricism and old-school production. The only exception to this is the second track, “Urban Litty” which features a more new-age, electronic beat. Everything else follows a strict, satisfying rubric; with which the emcee, Dark Angel, shines impeccably across his producer, Strange’s, instrumentation. Dark Angel has a powerful affinity with imagery and storytelling; and he uses such to paint the most polarizing portraits. There are strong horrorcore themes locked in the stories of “Margo Santana” and “Hector”, yet backed by Strange’s warm, vinyl-singed primeval production, this imagery becomes eerily gorgeous. Another great element of this duo is that they do not solely rely on music to tell their tales. In the middle of the project, there are skits and snippets that fit flawlessly between Angel’s own verses, giving his stories even greater dimensionality. “Tickets To The Dope Show” is an outstanding blast to the past from two amazing creatives. If Hip-Hop is dead, they’ll be of the few to thank for its revival.

“Tickets To The Dope Show”


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