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Super duo, MAJIX new R&B/Trap influenced club anthem "Regular"

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"I'm not your regular...don't call me Reggie", words taken from the new hit single "Regular". That describes New York City based hip hop/R&B duo MAJIX (pronounced “magic”) who are set to explode onto the music scene. With the release of their single “Regular ”, Taylor Nirvana Jones and Mea Wilkerson exude the requisite hustle, independence and inyourface confidence that comes along with living in New York City.

It takes endless amounts of creativity and experimentation before chemistry builds and MAJIX is created! These 2 young ladies are powerful. Their new single “Regular” highlights just how special they are. These lyrical songbirds have been putting in work for a strong seven years, originally going by the name Love Jones Girlz before ultimately reinvinting themselves in 2016. “Regular” is an eargasmic fusion of dope trap bars meshed with sensational vocals over a groovy beat produced by VH1's MRose, B3B3, and Genedaox. The genius is in its clever songwriting using a cultural metaphor to set themselves apart from the rest. MAJIX's unique abilities confirm that they are not regular and their impact wont be either. 

Taylor and Mea recently shared their journey and talked about the new single during a recent interview. Enjoy “Regular” and follow the growing MAJIX movement today.

“Regular” Download/Stream: 

Recent Interview: 


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