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KONCHYNCE delivers a breath of fresh air with new hiphop visuals "MY LIFE"

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Life is a movie; and South Floridian emcee, Konchynce, displays that perfectly in the latest music video for his powerful single, “My Life”. This concept is cleanly crafted by the opening of the video, wherein a slideshow of pictures, featuring the rapper, are aired on an animated, TV screen. Eventually, these images grow beyond the confines of that television, and by the start of his verse, they are fitting the full screen we see them on. Then the video, and the music it incarnates, become mutually reflective. That is because “My Life” is exactly that: a bar-filled recount of Konchynce’s journey thus far. 

Strengthened by an electronic, 808-heavy, hip-hop beat, the Florida native drops myriad rhymes regarding hatred from others, politics in the industry, and chasing his dreams, overall. He also mentions something he’s been “blessed with—“; and juxtaposed to that statement is an image of him holding a newborn child. This superbly represents the duality of his narrative. Although there are a vast amount of struggles in life we all have to cope with; there are moments in this same life that make them undeniably worth it. The track is glued together by a melodic chorus, in which Konchynce colorfully croons "Welcome to my life—", emphasized by the equally colorful haze of his video. All in all, Konchynce is a wise, passionate, and insightful emcee; and this welcome into his life, through an amazing song and visual, is an invitation you won’t regret accepting.


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