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Zo the Scholar releases 5-track new-wave hiphop project “Zo” the EP

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Detroit has slowly, but surely, been building its own reputation as one of the most lyrical cities in America. Being the birthplace of greats such as Eminem, Big Sean, and most recently, Doughboyz Cashout, and Tee Grizzley; The Motor City has perpetually proven that they are just as prominent with the art of rapping as any other neighboring territory. If you've missed the memo for the past 20 years, upcoming rapper, Zo the Scholar, is an excellent initiation; and his debut EP “Zo: The EP” is seasoned with just enough Detroit flavors to break the ice. 

“Zo: The EP” is a five-track venture; with each track feeling unique and independent of the last. The first cut, “Goin Hollywood” gets the ball rolling with a mysterious, keyboard melody supported by skipping claps, hats, and a thumping 808. As one could imagine, Zo is rapping about how motivated he is to go “Hollywood” and see the fruition of his dreams. Track two, “Problematic” is the closest embodiment of the “Detroit sound” you'll find on this album. It features a dark, piano-driven instrumental, laced with a dribbling 808, and more claps, hats and percussion; with Zo himself rapping almost-endlessly about the very violence that plagues his city. That is the magic of Zo the Scholar's rapping. On each one of these tracks (including the last three, “Paradox”, “Space Travelin'” and “Changed Up”), it feels as though Zo will never run out of bars. He treads effortlessly across beats, spitting an infinite amount of lyrics in a style that will surely earn him respect and veneration among his forefathers. Its only a matter of time before D-Town crowns another remarkable rapper. “Zo: The EP” has certainly started the clock.

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