12 Inches or Better atl hiphop

Risse Cakkes new sex driven hiphop club anthem "12 Inches or Better"

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In Hip Hop, the cypher ain't complete without the female emcee. Thanks to the success of Hip Hop Queen Nicki Minaj and now with Cardi B driving the bus, we have seen a re-emergence of female rap artists. Reppin' Houston, TX, Risse Cakes is an rap beauty looking to take the game to the next level. The New York born talent comes from a musical background, as her father was a Reggae DJ. Also, being the cousin of Rap Legend Busta Rhymes doesn't hurt either. Ms. Cakes is back with her new summer smash '12 Inches or Better'. If you couldn't guess what the song was about from the title, let's take a closer look. Listen as Risse rides the catchy club rhythm with a full explanation of what kind of man she is looking for and what he needs to do to satisfy her. I have a feeling this won't be the last we hear from Risse Cakes. With her skills and star appeal, we may soon be talking about the lane she has created for the next female emcees to follow.

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