Swizzy B Releases "Overworked & Underpaid"

11:47 AMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

LoUd Life Crew presents the second installment of OverWorked & Underpaid by SwizZy B. In an era where rappers feel obligated to flex like they're rich, SwizZy B is keeping it transparent and acknowledging that his hard work is yet to pay off financially. With that being said, OverWorked & Underpaid might not be a trilogy because volume 2 sounds like it could be the one that gets SwizZy B paid forreal. This 7-track project is a hip-hop clinic that puts multiple styles and techniques to the test from complex rhyme patterns to catchy hooks, SwizZy B has mastered the craft across the board. SwizZy B really lives the over-worked title as he continues to record music, tour, and operate his Indy label LoUd Life Crew out of Colorado Springs. This 24-year-old has a bright future and a solid work ethic, get used to the name SwizZy B. 

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