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Recklous new 12-track project “Cop This Mixtape” [INTERVIEW INCLUDED]

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 Not a single nook or cranny in the life of Santa Cruz rapper, Recklous, goes unexplored on his latest “Cop This Mixtape” project. The twelve track opus is a melting pot of subjects and sonics all blending together to paint a unique portrait of the man behind them. The first two tracks (“L.O.R.D” and “Blocked Numba”) are scorching trap bangers, aimed at incinerating an ex-lover whose ostensibly done Recklous wrong. “I Bet You Would” strikes as an ancient, G-funk anthem; whose production could have been graced by the likes of Dr. Dre. In alignment with that aesthetic, Recklous taps into an off kilter, Eminem-esque flow near the end of his ultimate verse; tying the song together, sonically. A personal favorite, both production-wise, as well as lyrically, will be the track “Deadpool”. “Deadpool” features a spine-chilling, synth-based melody; backed by a dark, heavy brass, and galloping trap beat. On the record, Recklous dives completely into his past struggles with drug abuse and suicidal thoughts; touching are two topics that are extremely relevant to the youth of modern America. And he does so with unshakeable confidence; as if he fully knows the power of his voice is greater than any shame he may feel about his past. “Perfect 10” is a confession of the rappet struggling with finances; dealing with being kicked out, homeless and owing some significant debt. The last track, “Sextape” is a smooth, fun, melodic cut done in ode to Recklous’s new love interest. On the record, he expresses his desire to turn her into a star akin to Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian... by identical means. This rounds the mixtape off beautifully; having started with torment over a past relationship, and ending with hope in a new one. All in all, this is a great, wholehearted debut by Recklous; and if he continues to be this honest in his music, he will build a fanbase like no other.

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