Louie Casino Releases "Dice Control"

10:01 PMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

Atlanta, Georgia is the hottest city in hip-hop in 2018 and it almost seems like a new great artist comes out of the ATL every week, but Louie Casino is determined to break through the clutter. Louie prides himself on his entrepreneurial bossed-up approach to the game and his latest project Dice Control is presented by 4 Play Campaign, a label that he founded himself. Louie makes sure he handles his business and his craft on this project and it is clear that he has mastered his sound. The trap-inspired flows, cadences, and beat selection are all there while the melodies and content are far more advance compared to his contemporaries in the Atlanta trap scene. Louie is a unique artist who has what it takes to make it out of a crowded hip-hop scene and Dice Control can be the project that can take him to that next level. 

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