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Lyricist, The White Lion releases high powered conscious rap song "Whistling Past The Graveyard"

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"The White Lion" is a heroic lyricist from the unlikely area of northern Idaho has come out of the woodwork with A brazen stride to share his heathenish and folkish wisdom. as he pushes forward using his music as an outlet he is gaining momentum with each growing day and continues to win the support of music lovers as well as industry tycoons. With an unorthodox yet authentic style its no wonder that this artist has captured the attention of the music industry as he continues to rise up and humbly carve A trail of his own. 

"Whistling Past The Graveyard" is a song about boldly risking everything you have in the pursuit of a life that is entirely free and self-sufficient. When you listen to this song you can feel a true warriors energy shining through in the most inspiring and uplifting kind of way. Unlike a lot of music that is generic and aimed toward creating or following a social trend, this song is refreshingly natural and has a great blend of consciousness and outlaw mentality that has yet to be seen thus far in the rap game. With an excellent flow, Great content, and top notch producing by the industry Giant E Smitty this song is sure to get the blood pumping and take you on A trip back in time to the golden age of hip hop. This track represents the importance of challenging authority while maintaining the essential respect for common law and voluntary cooperation necessary for people to live in peace and free from tyranny. The White Lion is set to release his debut album "Go Hard Or Go Homeless" on August 28th via Sound Alive Records. Physical CD's & Limited edition Vinyl will be available for fans to purchase as well as the album's release on all digital platforms. Stream "Whistling Past The Graveyard" on Soundcloud now.

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