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Smoove Gotti shines on 3 bangers “Faded/Shattered Star/Hell Yeah”

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Since 2013, Smoove Gotti has been sharpening his sword. Locked in the lab, with beat after beat swirling around him, the Ohio rapper has been in a chrysalis of musical development. Now, he is finally ready to emerge. “Faded”, “Hell Yeah” (feat. Oh), and “Shattered Star” (feat. Corey Jones), are a few outtakes from his six year sessions; all culminating into a blitzkrieg release for 2019. They each, in their own climatic way, highlight the growth of this Cleveland emcee; and his readiness to dominate the new year with an onfall of genre-bending sounds. “Faded” is a sample-heavy tribute to everyone’s favorite herb; channeling a smooth, softly drummed production under a blunt roll of rhymes. “Hell Yeah” pursues a rap-heavy, Dubstep aesthetic that would float perfectly about a local rave or nightclub; and “Shattered Star” is a sensual dive into airy R&B. Smoove Gotti lays verses full of romantic bars, whilst Corey Jones slips in harmonically to bridge the gaps. There is a variety in this trio of records that explicitly highlights Gotti’s sonic evolution. He forwards a new energy and ambiance with each of these records released; determined not to be pigeonholed in one genre or another. He is always searching for a way to push the envelope, and “Faded”, “Hell Yeah”, and “Shattered Star”, are astonishing successes in that regard. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long for the Midwestern musician’s next project. Slated for an April 1st release, is a joint album with fellow Cleveland artist, R Stonze, titled “Business As Usual”. After listening to these three tracks, you won’t want to miss what’s coming this Spring.


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