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“Faded” // Razzion drops soulful new-age mood music

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It’s irresistibly soulful. The way the tranquil, yet iridescent chords of Razzion’s “Faded” mesh seamlessly with waving ambience and gilded guitars. Perhaps, such is to be expected of a track so wholly devoted to love: as, the moment this New Jersey spitter parts his lips, we are warped into his world of romance and charm. “Let’s get comfortable in a coup / Make love into a loop...” If the amorous production aforementioned failed to set the tone, these first two bars will. Complimented by his calm flow, Razzion’s lyrics wholeheartedly inspirit the intention of this boom-bap banger. To whomever “Faded” is dedicated, the message resounds loud and clear: Razzion is intoxicated with her love. It is a phenomenon millions of us can relate to, which will make it an undeniable cruise down memory lane, the moment you press play. As the first single from his upcoming album, “Faded” is marvelous. It is lovingly subtle, yet packs a poignant punch; as we can expect his full-length to do upon its ultimate drop. 

“Faded” on Youtube 


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