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"Whine for Me" // 60 Wrap$$ drops Afrobeat/Dancehall club anthem

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Just in time for summer, Rap artist, songwriter, DJ and producer 60 Wrap$$ releases his addictive new single "Whine for me" that's geared towards the ladies who know how to move and the people who love to watch. A unique blend of Afro and Trap with subtle elements of R&B and Hip-Hop, “Whine for me” has all the makings to get things moving at any dance party. As the bass hits heavy, the smooth tempo entices partygoers to let loose and find that perfect partner on the dance floor. On the track, the budding artist not only handles the rhymes but also the melodic hook that’s cool and calming while adding a layer of sexiness. Aside from the initial dance theme, the song also holds a deeper message within the lyrics as 60 Wrap$$ rhymes about a girl he loves and wants to keep happy for the long run. If you’re looking for a song that’s soaked in warm island vibes, carries a message of love and adoration, and will get the ladies moving, check out “Whine for me” by 60 Wrap$$.

“Whine for me” on Youtube


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