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K.Ray talks about new album “Life's A Mess” on video interview

6:56 PMUSA Blog Network

Recently on-the-verge hiphop artist, K.Ray sat down to chop it up with Carl BFM Jones of USA Blog Network regarding his critically acclaimed new album "Life's A Mess". The interactive FB LIVE video interview covers his beginning in music, behind the scenes details of the album's creation, and insight into his future. Watch the interview, read the press release and bump the full album below!

Out the gate, K.Ray proves he is leagues beyond his competition. He consolidates what could have been a brisk, three-song EP, into six minutes of seamless music; and uses the track to introduce an even larger body of work. Aberrant work that borders extra-terrestrial. That is “Life’s a mess”: thirty minutes of unconventional, yet gravitating rap from a Columbus, Georgia creative. On this nine track opus, it feels as though K.Ray is almost making a point of leaning away from Hip-Hop’s present direction. Yes, he raps, but the way he does so; the way he crafts his music is unlike anything you’ve heard thus far. Modern-trap production is dispersed into clouds of melody and liquid-like drums. Introspective rhymes abruptly ascend into autotuned harmonies and sampled chops. The album completely embodies its title. It is a mess that us listeners can’t even begin to clean. Yet, by the end of its runtime; by the end of this mind-opening body of work, you won’t want to, either way.


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