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“Hold Up” // Jody Moët toasts to success with new-age hiphop anthem

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His latest mixtape is on the way, and in that vein, Jody Moet could not resist giving us a taste. That taste is “Hold Up”: a bubbly, yet torrid showcase of this Northwestern emcee’s lyrical and emotional capacity. Being one of the most recent drops from his projected full-length, LIONHEARTED, it should come as no surprise that this three-minute banger completely embodies the spirit of his mixtape’s title. Sidestep the tropical essence of “Hold Up”’s melodies and instrumentation, and you are left with growling 808’s, prancing percussions, and a roar of relative rhymes. For, within these well-rapped verses, Jody Moet bears the dint of his lion-esque soul. He has been betrayed and abandoned more times than he can count; yet, just as the trap drums continue to beat throughout the mix, so has his heart, throughout every turmoil he’s encountered. This determination to survive and overcome, that he reminds us of with every bar he delivers, is no different from the king of the jungle’s; proving that Joey Moet is the LIONHEARTED himself. “Hold Up” is a motivating anthem in that regard. A three-minute reminder that you too can overcome life’s catastrophes, no matter their capacities. In need of a banger whose message is just as great as its groove? Look no further than “Hold Up”; and keep your ears open for LIONHEARTED, dropping June 28th.

“Hold Up” on Soundcloud


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