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“Koinda Vol 3” // Koinda Records releases collaborative meditation album

08 MayUSA Blog Network

With their first three projects, “Koinda Vol. 1”, “Koinda Vol. 2”, and “Koinda Vol. 2.5” (Producers Only Album), the Koindanomics collective succeeded in bringing their worldly agenda new light. They focused greatly on showcasing talents from around the world; cultivating international bodies of work that spread their message of global growth, community, and love. Now, after all of that amazing externality, Koinda Records are changing directions; dedicating their latest installment, “Koinda Vol. 3”, to the power of self. Presented as a “meditation album”, this eight-track opus is devoted entirely to spiritual betterment and growth. For its four zen-ful, mind-calming instrumentals, the collective tapped A-Rell and See See Beats. For the three “guided meditations”, Ace Burns is our tranquil host. Albeit, only three notable parties are spotlighted on this project, the strength of Koinda Records, as a whole, is still awesomely felt. Their agenda to impact, enlighten and heal the world around them illuminates even brighter with “Koinda Vol. 3”; further proving the magnitude of this collective’s potential.

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