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“Regime” // QUAI aka Q Stacks delivers powerful 20-track newage trap album

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It is no wonder why Nashville is known as “Music City”. Being the stomping grounds of the legendary Johnny Cash, abode of country music, and nexus for nightly, sonic stimulation; this capital of Tennessee has most definitely earned its epithet. Naturally, one would assume the residents of those tuneful, Volunteer streets equally live up to its legacy; and you would be right. Especially when it comes to QUAI. Of all of the Nashville artists out there, this titan seems most ambitious in representing the “Music City”. The tracklist alone, of his 2019 drop, “Regime”, makes that easily seen. It is twenty tracks in length, cut with bangers galore. With this project, QUAI is throwing a forty-minute trap party to which we are all invited; complete with monstrous anthems and 808-driven smashes, alike. The dividing line between “Regime”, and every other modern-trap project out there, however, is how uniquely its creator uses melody and rhyme. On his biggest records within the long-player, QUAI barely uses melody as a driving force for the song. Instead, he croons in the background; centering our focus on the lyrics he’s spitting, and the versatile flows they’re delivered through. This style assigns an especial sound to QUAI; and that specialty flows through every one of “Regime”’s veins. Without a doubt, in crafting this comprehensive body of work, QUAI has done Nashville’s legacy proud; and made himself heir to the “Music City” crown.

“Regime” on Soundcloud 
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