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Space Jay releases trap banger, BALLIN’

02 MayUSA Blog Network

With his first, official single, “BALLIN”, Space Jay utterly illuminates the modern-trap sky. Rock-ish electric guitars form a constellation, arching over the intro of this debut; blazed solely by meteors of bright, auto-tuned bars. Just as a steady clap is introduced, the Irish artist rises into a melodic, vocal swell. The outcome is a magnificent supernova of sound. As the rushing, trap drums impact the mix, Space Jay explodes into his versatile verse. He is solar with his use of autotune; offering melodies and bars that burn brighter than the daytime sun. In a little less than three-and-a-half minutes, Space Jay gives Belfast a Hip-Hop sensation to look forward to; whose starpower is capable of bolting him right across the Atlantic. That is with his first, anthemic release, alone. Yes, Space Jay is already “BALLIN”; yet, with such a vibrant single, he has many more accomplishments awaiting. Prepare to see this upcoming elite make an astronomical 2019.

"BALLIN" on Spotify
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