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“Trial Time” // Sleeze The Kingpin drops the realest song ever

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Realness, above anything else, has always been a cornerstone of our culture. Since the early days of rap, our lyrical legends have put pen to paper as a means of speaking on their real-life afflictions. Their real experiences; their real pitfalls and triumphs as minorities in America, to give a glimpse into their real, street-hardened lives. Continuing that stainless tradition, is SLEEZE THE KINGPIN, and his April drop, “TRIAL TIME”, may be the realest story you’ve heard thus far. Its duo of heavy-hitting verses chronicle the Southern rapper’s experiences battling a capital murder charge he was later acquitted for. However, unlike this crime SLEEZE was wrongfully accused of, his skills are the mic are proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The Atlanta-raised spitter does this The Last Mr.Bigg beat a flawless justice; giving an in-depth look at what he underwent in Greary County Jail, as well as the indomitable confidence he maintained through it all. Every bar radiates with SLEEZE THE KINGPIN’s victory. Victory over a system that has unjustly incarcerated millions like him, the same. And that victory is a mark of realness for this Southern emcee that no one can take away. If you too can praise this fortunate turn of events, give “TRIAL TIME” a play. 

“Trial Time” on Soundcloud 


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