Shaka Banton [@Shaka_Banton] Shows Us How to "Get The Bag"

30 MayThe Hip Hop PR Firm

Shaka Banton is a well seasoned Hip Hop artist with a catalog of music to show. His singles “Lil Moma”, “Get the Bag”, and “Ballin Out” are making waves domestically and internationally. However, since remaining and independent artist, Shaka has managed to lock down major distribution platforms, which illustrates his strong fan base. Banton states “my music is dedicated to the world, [I] think of others first and that is real success”. He views music as a solace during trials and tribulations and prides himself in creating music that would provide healing to others. This San Antonio Texas rapper single “Get The Bag” is an upbeat track with a feel good vibe, you can ride too, work hard and get the bag. 

Stream and Download “Get The Bag” below:

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