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“KILL 4 ME” // Rap Group, 1NE FAMILY releases wavy new love song [Music + Interview]

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This summer is going to be exciting! For the most part, we will have 1NE FAMILY to thank; and their torrid, new single, “Kill 4 Me”. Composed by their on-board producer, Lowell, this danceable and infectious record brings out the ultimate best of the hip-pop trio. The celestial harmonies of 1NE FAMILY’s two, primary vocalists, Young Drumma and Cory Hill, find their way gracefully about “Kill 4 Me”, igniting this bonfire of energy that’ll perfectly suit your next beach bash. Undeniably, this talent; this innate affinity for rhythm, tropical melody, and groove, derive from their combined Latin backgrounds. Each of these star-destined, Floridian artists are Hispanic, and have spent years trying to discover the ideal blend between Hip-Hop, Pop, and the Latin musicality that flows through their veins. It is safe to say, after “Kill 4 Me”, the search is over. For, this Orlando trio has created a powerful, genre-bending track; and made summertime all the more enticing. 

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