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“Last Day” // Miztah Brown aka Brizzy Baby drops new-age hiphop banger

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“Will I ball ‘til the last day...” These initial bars surf the wave of a funky, serpentine bassline. Iridescent tines sparkle around a string progression that grows more intense as Miztah Brown raps. The moment these melodies reach their climax, and the Canadian spitter is ready to enter his verse, the beat drops, and “Last Day” is on the move. Fully powered by Miztah’s robotic, auto-tuned vocals, this single grooves from start to end. Contemporary drums, characterized by 808 snares, dribbling kicks, and pattering hi-hats, give the Montreal native rhythmic ground to lyrically run across. In this dash, Miztah Brown rhymes about everything: from haters, to hustling, and loving the life he lives. What he yearns to drive home, most of all, is that none of it will stop until his “Last Day”. For the last three years Miztah Brown has been on an incredible streak, and with the drop of this recent anthem, his stock will only rise higher. By the end of the year, a new star may be lighting up the Canadian sky. 

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