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“Struggle Continues” // G Tha Don releases heartfelt 11-track trap album

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From the south side of Macon, Georgia comes rap artist G Tha Don with his latest album, Struggle Continues, that gives us a real look into the harshness and beauty of life.

On the 11-track project, G hits us with some heavy production and even heavier storytelling as he recalls various moments of pain and struggle throughout his life.

The overall sound of Struggle Continues walks the line between gangsta rap and street trap that’s both real, raw and in your face. Even on the opening track “Filled Wit Pain,” you can hear the frustration in G’s voice that’s also met with honest sincerity.

As you listen on, you get a sense that he’s aware of his struggles but found a more therapeutic way to deal with them via music, and this is what makes the album worth listening to.

A standout track on the album is the title track that’s uptempo and urges us to be more mindful and patient with others because you just don’t know what they may be going through.

If you’re in the mood for music that’s too real to ignore, check out G Tha Don’s Struggle Continues today. 

“Struggle Continues” on Spotify
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