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“Richie Day” // Richie Rend drops fresh newage hiphop album

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The city of Stockton may very well have their next, new-school star. He was unstoppable for the sum of 2018 with the release of his “Heartbreak and Addiction” and “Therapy Session” albums. This year, Richie Rend has his vision set on an even greater conquest, and it starts with “Richie Day”. As his first full-length offering of 2019, “Richie Day” is a magnificent indication of the Californian’s direction. With features from Francis, Ryan, and Antonia; amid the mix of sinister and sentimental beats, Richie Rend continues to be introspective. Certainly, some of it is blanketed by outlandish, braggadocious bangers; like the album opener “BOOM!”, “Faded” and “This Nightmare”. However, a theme of soul-searching and emotionality nonetheless flow strongly through this project. From “Stranger To Me”, “Dead Roses”, to “Living In A Maze”; with each one these records Richie shows a side of himself that most modern-day rappers neglect. The honest side. Such is precisely why, upon dropping “Richie Day”, this West Coast upstart will spiral to the top; putting himself, and Stockton on the map. 

“Richie Day” on Bandcamp 


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