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“100 On A Whip” // Rico Tracks drops new-age hiphop banger

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“I can’t flex, Yeah I went and spent 100 on a whip!” What starts as a shiny haze of autotuned adlibs quickly becomes a single worth the charts. All due to a Columbus, Georgia rapper’s incredible command of both melody and bars. With “100 On A Whip”, Rico Tracks’s latest, bubbly offering, the Southern artist shows just how ready he is for mainstream success. Across foaming, bright synths, sparkling tines, and speaker-shaking trap percussions, Rico Tracks sing-song raps through a catchy chorus; undoubtedly prepared to seize your local nightclub. However, when that infectious hook is over, the Georgian up-and-comer proves he has even more to offer with two, hardbody verses. In powering through a poised flow and street-hardened delivery, Rico Tracks also ensures that “100 On A Whip” will be played on every block in Columbus. In this current, Hip-Hop climate, Rico Tracks’s latest smash is a model modern-trap release. It can easily be embraced by the industry, as well as the streets; and that versatility always leads to the hits we sing.


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