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“Zombieland” // King Pablo is back alive with creative alternative new-age RnB single

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An earth-moving synth progression jump starts King Pablo’s “Zombieland”, foreshadowing an unimaginable banger to come. To fulfill that prophecy, the Denton artist hits the mic with a melodic torrent of bars; and after fifteen seconds, this Texan smash is mobile. What King Pablo wants us to know, most of all, with this three minute anthem, is that he is back from the dead. After a four year hiatus, The Lonestar emcee has to resurrected; and his first order of business is giving us a trunk-rattling taste of “Young Rebel”, his upcoming debut. To that end, “Zombieland” is flawless. It features the Southern artist spinning through synths, 808s, and lively trap drums, in a blur of melody and autotune. Both elements swing his rhymes into irresistible territory, making “Zombieland” a track you won’t be able to deny. Certainly, King Pablo has been gone for quite some time. However, with a track like this, he has thrust his palm from the grave, and gripped the Texas rap game.

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