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Loyal Oxford releases new single “Diablo” ft. Skinny Puma

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One collaboration alone, between Loyal Oxford and Skinny Puma, just crushed 2019. The result of a 35 year old, Venezuelan-Spanish producer’s vision, matched with a Spanish rapper’s mind-blowing performance, has completely redrawn the borders of Hip-Hop; giving the Latin scene a new single to champion, “Diablo”. Not only does “Diablo” shatter cultural barriers by fusing whole Spanish and English verses, but it likewise uses its eccentric, yet anthemic production, as well as angelic choruses, to embark on new sonic terrain. In a bilingual blaze of pure lyricism, Skinny Puma muscles through three-minutes of unforgiving drums, crackling snares, 808s, and an exotic, bell-like melody. For this entire time, the emcee is only stoppable by the colorful breakdowns Loyal Oxford throws into the mix, and the honey-esque serenade of a female songstress that holds the hook. Yet, somehow that is a positive, because it allows the total awesomeness of “Diablo” to shine through. Without a doubt, the many magnificent pieces of this Latin-American banger, are a reflection of the many magnificent talents that composed them. For, the moment Loyal Oxford, Skinny Puma, and this vocalist linked on wax, they created something undeniably special. 

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