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“Power...” // Von Marley drops a powerful new trap banger

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“Shorty in love with the Power!” repeats like a menacing mantra throughout the chorus of Von Marley’s 2018 drop, “Power...”. Chambered by reverberated echoes, a whirling melody, and thundering percussion, this bar builds every ounce of energy our Chicago emcee has to offer. When it explodes, a Windy City banger is the aftermath. For, this single is irresistibly infectious. In more ways than one, Marley has crafted the quintessential modern-trap record; entirely ready for the streets. Its booming beat and hypnotic hook make it a titan amongst this year’s heaviest releases. Yet, as much of a punch “Power...” packs with its production and chorus, the Nashville-residing rapper’s true potential shines through his lyricism and delivery. Endless, are his rhymes. For three minutes, Von Marley batters the microphone with bars; spitting them through the most famished inflection. Because, obviously, Von Marley is hungry for “Power...”; and so long as he continues turning out anthems such as this, he isn’t far from receiving it.

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