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“Sober Enough” // Ashton Rich releases thoughful and creative trap EP

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Despite Ashton Rich’s recent EP, “Sober Enough”, being one of the most thunderous, modern-trap projects of the season, he makes it explicitly clear from the opus’s opener that he does not condone the new wave. “Pretend”, the track in question, is a flagrant dissection of the trendy, stereotypical personas rappers embody today; matchlessly kicking off six-tracks of identically astounding energy. For, Ashton Rich maintains that audacity throughout the entire fifteen minutes that “Sober Enough” runs. Briskly, it is translated into records such as “Problems”, and the ascending anthem “Lemma Know”, which is already soaring with plays. Merging Hip-Hop and R&B alone may be difficult for some. However, on this EP, Ashton Rich makes it an effortless accomplishment. Like a pendulum, he swings between both genres; and as the momentum builds, so does the strength of his records. In many aspects, that is the perfect simile for Ashton Rich, and “Sober Enough” entirely: a pendulum, whose swung has built up enough momentum to be a wrecking ball; ready to smash right through the rap game.

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